Room Accomodation

Marston Hill  

(not available)

Hobbit’s Home (Tomtebo)  

Double: 2 beds

East room: 3 beds

+ sleepable sofa

Summer Rest,  

North Wing: 4 beds

Hawk Ridge East  

3 beds

Summer Rest,  

Studio: 3 beds


Hawk Ridge West  

3 beds

Summer Rest,  

Upper middle: 3 beds


Hawk Ridge,  

South Stage room: 1 bed

Summer Rest,  

Blue room: 1 bed


The Pines  

South room: 2 beds

North room: 2 beds

Summer Rest,  

Lower front: 2 beds

Red Cottage,  

East room : 2 beds

Summer Rest,  

Lower (yellow room): 1 bed


Red Cottage,  

West room: 2 beds

Summer Rest,  

East wing: 3 beds


Single room: 1 bed

Large room : 2 beds

Stone Cottage (not available)  

Lower 1 double bed

Upper 3 beds

Chinese Pavillion  

Single: 1 bed

Double: 2 beds


2 beds

Birch Hill  

8 beds (not available)


Max 44 beds excluding Marston Hill and Birch Hill