Video has been made during the summer 2013 by two Czech students Ivan Dzido and Vojta Kubík. Jens Allwood from the University of Gothenburg will guide you through different places at Marston Hill and tell you about history, current activities as well as curiosities in this magical place which nowadays is an “Intercultural Center for Quality of Life”.


Part 1 – Introduction (Marston Hill)


Part 2 – Sommarro (Summer Rest) & Bungalow


Part 3 – BBQ, Sommarro (Summer Rest), Playground  & Theatre


Part 4 – Garden, Folly, The Wall & Röda Stugan (Red Cottage)


Part 5 – Hökensås (Hawk Ridge), Meditative places, Runic Stone  & Chinese Pavillon


Part 6 – Tallarna (Pines) – “Marston Hill Minibookstore”


Part 7 – Stenstugan (Stone Cottage), Tomtebo & Björkehill


Marston Hill video – Full version


Marston Hill – Short version


Bonus Video – Chinese Pavillon  & Hwang Tzu-Yü