Home page for Linguistic Methods 2006
Department of Linguistics
Göteborg University

Welcome to the homepage of Linguistic Methods!

This page provides course material, which is added incrementally as the course proceeds.


1) Course Schedule:
Contains an overveiw of the different parts of the course with teachers' names and email addresses, list of course literature and information about examination

2) Assignments in English
All assignments to be sent in. Updated version Sept 20!

3) Assignments for Philosophy of Science Step 1 in Swedish
(All other assignments in Swedish are in "Lingvistisk metod I & II)
Note that Theory of Science Step 1 has no course literature. You will have the power point presentation and you can listen to the lecture in Swedish on http://www.gslt.hum.gu.se/~leifg/metod/
and in English (forthcoming here).

Where and when to send assignments
Assignments can be sent to the teacher listed in the course schedule with acopy to Elisabeth Ahlsén eliza@ling.gu.se. (If no teacher is listed, also send to eliza@ling.gu.se.)
You can send them at any time during the course period, i.e. the autumn term. If you want the course results reported for the fall of 2006, be sure to send in all assignments before December 15.

4) Instruction for the course paper
The course paper is a research program for an application to a research council, with a careful specification of methods.
You can use the same project (something which you are doing or are planning to do) for the assignments and the course paper, if you want to.
The course papers will be defended with opposition at the course final seminar.
Send in your papers (to eliza@ling.gu.se) in good time, in order to get feedback and give the opponent a week to prepare.


Power points presentations and recordings
For each part of the course, there will be:
- Power point presentations and other files of handouts etc.
- An audio and/or videorecording (Will probably be available on dvd instead - more information will come.)
This material will be added as soon as it is ready after each lecture, but there will be a certain time lag.

1. Introduction + The Research Process
Power point
The research process

2-3. Philosphy of science Step 1
Power point Introduction + Ontology
Power point 2-3 Epistemology

4. Language elicitation - Work with informants
Power point, including assignment
Revised version of chapter in Allwood (Swedish)
Group exercise (Swedish)

5. Experimental Methods
Power point, including assignment

6. Interview, questionnaire and observation
There is no power point for this lecture

Please note that
7. Audio and video recording, transcription and coding and
8. Corpus Linguistics

will be web based only (no lectures).
The linked material contains excercises to do on your own. To some extent they overlap with the assignments given for this part of the course.
Both are useful to do - you only have to hand in one (the assignments already given or the ones on the linked pages).

9. Formalization
Course literature: Chapter 13 (in English) - a little revised

10. Statistics
Power point. see http://www.gslt.hum.gu.se/~leifg/gu/gbg061128.pdf

Audio recordings
Please note that the files are around 60 Mbytes (MP3)
(We are attempting to compress them further.)
Linguistic Methods Introduction + The Research Process
Linguistic Methods Philosophy of Science, Step 1: 1
Linguistic Methods Philosophy of Science, Step 1:2
Linguistic Methods Philosophy of Science, Step 1:3
Linguistic Methods Philosophy of Science, Step 1: 4
Linguistic Methods Language Elicitation
Linguistic Methods Experimental Methods A, Experimental Methods B
Linguistic Methods Interview, questionnaire and observation A, B
Linguistic Methods Formalization
Linguistic Methods Statistics A, Statistics B