Immigrantinstitutet i Borås
Eletronic Journal intercultural Communication
SIETAR:  TheSociety for Intercultural Education, training and Research
Bjarne Fjeldsenden's page with cross-cultural material
Braintrack website
A worldwide university-index on the Internet, contains hotlinks to universities, polytechnics, colleges and other higher educational institutions all over the world. Currently the site reports that it has over 6600 links to higher education institutions in 170 countries.
A Guide for PhD students
Norsk forening for interkulturell kompetanse (NOFIK) (or visit their facebook page)
Centre for Intercultural Communication, Stavanger
Högskolen i Adger, Kristiansand, Norway
Mediehögskolen Gimlekollen, Kristiansand, Norway
SSKKII (Center for interdisciplinary research at Göteborg University)
European Intercultural Workplace (EIW) project
Cross-Cultural Resources from
The Vigdís Finnbogadottír Intsitute of Foreign Languages
Journal of Intercultural Communication Studies (ICS)
Intercultural Communication Studies (ICS), the journal of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS), is committed to publishing quality research in the area of intercultural communication. All manuscripts submitted to the journal should include thorough research that brings something new and pertinent to the field of intercultural communication.
China Media Research (CMR)
China Media Research is an official publication of the American Chinese Media Research Association and Communication Studies Institute of Zhejiang University. The journal seeks to provide a platform for Chinese media research, as well as to serve as a bridge between media research done in China and in other parts of the global community. The journal welcomes articles, book reviews, news items, letters, interviews, or other types of submissions containing information or commentary on matters relevant to the journal’s mission.
Project Intercultural Understanding and Transcultural Identity Work in Global Workplaces: Indo-German Flight Attendant Teams at Lufthansa AG