SSCCII Interdisciplinary Center


SSKKII was an active interdisciplinary center at the University of Gothenburg for a long period of time 1998-2017. The center hosted an interdisciplinary basic and research education in Cognitive Science and an international Master in Communication program. Seminars and conferences were organized, papers were published and a number of national and international research projects were carried out.  SSKKII is now an immaterial center.

These pages document some of the SSKKII activities over the years.

A Theoretical Core

It is vital to develop the theoretical core within SSKKII’s domain. Without a good theoretical basis we lack the ability to do original research and to handle difficulties arising in applied research. Greater knowledge and understanding has its own intrinsic value. That is why most dedicated researches are drawn to their profession. Without good basic research an academic discipline cannot survive in the long run.

However, we also work with applications that can be of direct significance for trade and industry. Only by working with both theory and applications together can we be useful and create an intellectually stimulating center that will attract good thinking from inside and outside the university.

Jens Allwood, Chairman, SSKKII