Welcome to Marston Hill!

Marston Hill is beautifully situated on the slope of a hill with a view of the Mullsjö valley and lake Mullsjö. Marston Hill has been an intercultural center since 1924. During a long period, the main activity at Marston Hill consisted in educational programs teaching English language and Anglo-American culture. But there have also been other activities focusing on more spiritual matters, art, literature, music, social science, linguistics, communication and cognitive science. Scholars, researchers, writers and artists from many parts of the world, e.g. India, China, Africa and Europe have visited Marston Hill.

The main purpose of Marston Hill now is to be an intercultural center for quality of life. The goal is to sustain and present ideas from the whole world about how we can achieve a better quality of life. Examples of such quality include traditional European qualities, like skiing, hiking, cycling, dancing, canoeing and golf, but also non-European activities like Qi Gong and Yoga. They include delicious, healthy and nourishing food from all over the world as well as music and art. Marston Hill provides working opportunities for writers and artists but also hosts workshops and courses with a focus on intercultural issues, language and communication.

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