Lectures, courses, conferences, seminars

With an extensive background in research and education, we offer the possibility to book lectures, courses and seminars about the following topics:

All lectures can be given in Swedish or English. Lectures and seminars can be booked in our lecture rooms or arranged in other locations.

Price, place and date can be arranged via e-mail to jens@allwood.se or phone 0705-954059.

Videorecorded lectures by Jens Allwood

Courses in languages and cultures

In addition to lectures, we can also arrange education in specific languages and cultures.

Currently we can offer Chinese and Turkish.

Earlier courses, conferences , seminars

Marston Hill has been a center for courses since the start in 1924, when Charles Allwood started giving courses in English. For many years, until 1991, English courses were a main activity and Marston Hill became well-known under the name Anglo-American Center (1950 – 2000).

More recently, the courses have changed focus and the name “Marston Hill – Intercultural Center for Quality of life” is now used for course activities. Mostly academic courses are hosted since the 1980s. National and international research courses have been given, for example: Artificial Intelligence (the first course on this topic in Sweden), Psycholinguistics, Computational Linguistics, Analysis of Spoken Language, Child Language Development, Cognitive Science and Social Signal Processing (an EU Network of Excellence course).

As part of a cooperation with Wuhan University, doctoral students, lecturers and professors in Media and Communication from China have participated in summer courses in Intercultural Communication at Marston Hill for a number of years.

At Marston Hill we also have courses on the theme ”Quality of Life”, for example in yoga and qi gong.