26 April, at 17.00

“AI – Vägen till en ljusare framtid eller ett existentiellt hot?” (AI – The road towards a brighter future or an existential threat?”

Leif Eriksson

Sunday 31 March at 16.00

”Det Outsagda” (The Unspoken) – seminar presenting a new book. Presentations of contributions by authors (Jens Allwood, Elisabeth Ahlsén, Bo Hanson, Leif Eriksson).n m fl).

Det Outsagda is an anthology, edited by Jens Allwood and Bo Hansson, which has just been published by Nya Doxa. The contributions are about what is difficult to express in words and what is not expressed by words, from different perspectives. The anthology “Det Outsagda” contains articles from five perspectives:

A linguistic perspective, a peace and development perspective, a psychological perspective, a philosophical perspective, and a religious-mystical perspective.

Elisabeth Ahlsén, profesor emerita of neurolinguistics
Carl Martin Allwood, professor emeritus of psykologi
Jens Allwood, professor emeritus of lingvistik
Per Block, Teol Dr hc, university lecturer in the exegetics of the new testament, Bible translator.
Leif Eriksson, university lecturer in peace and development research
Dick Haglund, professor of religionsvetenskap
K.G. Hammar, arch bishop emeritus
Bo Hanson, docent of ethics, former director of  the Sigtuna foundation
Marie Louise Ramnefalk, author, literary scientist
Sören Stenlund, professor of theoretical philosophy


20 – 21 september

Seminarium om Migration i syfte att skriva en bok

För deltagande – Kontakta Jens Allwood

Fredag 15 sept 14 – 18

Seminarium om kritik av vetenskaplig metod
nyutkommen bok

Lördag 16 sept 9.30 – 12.30

Seminarium om kritik av vetenskaplig metod
nyutkommen bok

Söndag 17 sept 15.00

Årsmöte/Annual meeting
Marston Hill ekonomisk förening