In Search of Goodness

Welcome to the ’In Search of Goodness’ project! The purpose of this page is to invite visitors to share examples of goodness from history. Our motivation is the insight that it is not only a battle to survive per se that keeps us alive but it is the moments of tenderness, goodness and kindness that keep up our desire to live and our trust in humankind. Please, feel free to add your example(s) of goodness in the form of comments (se below). It could be something related to your personal history, to the history of humankind, or to the history of planet Earth and its inhabitants. Our intention is to learn from the success of positive efforts by underlining positive rather than negative examples from history in order to cultivate a trustful and hopeful view on humankind’s past, present and future.

Some of us, who are interested in the idea, have met at Marston Hill, which is situated in Mullsjö, Sweden. We have discussed examples from the history of the concept ’freedom of speech’ in Sweden and the US and we have explored efforts and forms of interhuman generosity. We have also tried to present a more general analysis of what goodness in history might entail.

You are welcome to join us!