Jens Allwood

Jens Allwood Email:
SCCIIL – Center for Interdisciplinary Research
Department of Applied Information Technology   
University of Göteborg S-412 96 Göteborg Sweden


Research interests:

Jens Allwood’s research mainly comprises research in the areas of semantics and pragmatics. Mostly this research has been focussed on interaction in spoken language including psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic aspects. At present he is heading projects focussed on semantics for spoken language activity based communication analysis, cultural variation in communication and the visualization of complex information. Some current projects are: Deep Lexical Concept Analysis, Activity Based Variation in Spoken Language (financed by RJ – Riksbankens Jubileumsfond), Trust as Resource in Striving for Rationality (in cooperation with the dept. of Business Administration, financed by RJ), Intelligent Instruments for Information Processing (in cooperation with the dept. of Informatics, financed by NUTEK), Cultural Models of Conflict Handling – an intercultural and interdisciplinary study of Malaysia (in cooperation with Malaysian scholars, financed by SAREC), Information Visualization and Exploration Support, IVES, financed by NUTEK and placed at SSKKII – an interdisciplinary center for studies of cognition.

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