Embodied Communicative Feedback (English description) – Jens Allwood
European Intercultural Workplace – Jens Allwood
The internal form and function of gestures (FAS) – Elisabeth Ahlsén, Ann-Christin Månsson
From words to conversation (FAS) – Elisabeth Ahlsén, Anneli Bergström
Swedish and German Spoken Language (English description Swedish description German description) – Jens Allwood, Christiane Pankow
Kommunikation och interaktion i den mångkulturella vården (FAS) – Jens Allwood, Nataliya Berbyuk, Amir Khorram-Manesh
Ability to concentrate, infer and interact in conversation in left- and right hemisphere brain damaged individuals (FAS) – Elisabeth Ahlsén, Lotta Saldert
Relations between colour experience and colour terms in Swedish, Finnish, English, and Chinese – Jens Allwood, Ingvar Lind, Pierre Gander
Analyses of children’s communication in different activities – a comparison between dysarthric physically disabled children and children without speech disorders and physical impairments – Elisabeth Ahlsén, Ulrika Ferm
Cultural variation and communication technology in Sweden, China and Japan – Jens Allwood
MAISIE: Multimodal Access to Public Information Services – Robin Cooper
Intermodal translation – Elisabeth Ahlsén
TREE: TRansEuropean Employment (EU – Telematics) – Joakim Nivre, Jens Allwood
AMFO: Databaser för samarbete Databases for Cooperation – Carl-Martin Allwood, Jens Allwood
Reading and writing strategies in disabled groups – Sven Strömqvist, Elisabeth Ahlsén
IVES II: Information Visualization and Exploration Suport – Jens Allwood
VISAT – Jens Allwood
Grammar Support – Mats Lundälv, Elisabeth Ahlsén
Interactive narratives – Jens Allwood